About Us

Having spent considerable time in the Caribbean two decades ago, Eproc President and Founder Jérôme Diman realized how complex it could be to maintain airworthy aircraft. A lack of local trained personnel and tricky logistics due to their more remote locations made operating aircraft challenging. He created Eproc in large part to fill a void: offer knowledgeable spare parts management and sourcing as well as maintenance expertise and advice to operators in more remote areas such as the Caribbean, South America and Africa.

Eproc’s mission is to offer regional and business aircraft owners based in more remote areas our procurement, maintenance and contract expertise. Our management solutions are customized to support clients’ operational and financial objectives, allowing them peace of mind while they focus on their core competencies.

Eproc offices are strategically located in Montréal, Canada: a hub of aerospace industry knowledge and a direct flight to most international locations. The city’s wealth of expertise gives us easy access to repair shops, top repair technicians and sub-contractors. Eproc maintains a good relationship with the Canadian government and has “Known Shipper” status within the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program, meaning we are able to ship parts rapidly and without quarantine. Direct flights to most major cities in Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and South America mean quicker turnaround times. Our team is also trilingual, based in the province of Québec.