Spare Parts & Sourcing Management

A well-managed spare parts inventory and cost-efficient sourcing are key to optimizing your aircraft investment. This can prove an even greater challenge in small- and medium-sized market areas where trained manpower is often unavailable and replacement parts are far away.

We fully understand the delicate balance between having too few spare parts, jeopardizing flights and business and having too many, tying up capital. We offer customized solutions backed by decades of expertise on your aircraft, to ensure the optimal management of your fleet’s spare parts inventory.

We offer:

  • An analysis of your fleet’s spare parts needs based on all effective rules and regulations. Our experts will assess the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) for your aircraft(s) and create an easy system to differentiate between “No Go” and “Go” parts, specifying lead times needed for their order to your location. We can also define your real parts needs, always with an eye out to save you money while ensuring airworthy aircrafts.
  • Turnkey spare parts and sourcing management on a long-term basis, so that you can rest easy that your aircraft will always get a green light for takeoff. Based on your needs and budget, we maintain your spare parts inventory with strict adherence to all technical standards and quality systems. We ensure quality parts are ordered and received on time, from a reliable source and at a competitive price. Our buyers deal with a long list of suppliers and know which parts offer the best fit/price ratio for your aircraft. We also follow-through to ensure parts are properly installed (see our Maintenance Management & Technical Services). Managing your spare parts and sourcing, we remain in daily contact with your technical and finance teams as well as suppliers, to ensure constant aircraft airworthiness.
  • Specially designed software to keep a history of all repairs on every part in your aircraft. This is important for many reasons including predicting part replacement needs and having recourse in the case of legal action. We produce frequent updated reports giving you optimal visibility on your spare parts and sourcing situation.

Contact us to see how our team can help optimize your Spare Parts & Sourcing Management.