On-Site Representation & Repair Supervision

Many of our clients must at one time sub-contract pieces of equipment for major overhauls or maintenance. These repairs can be costly and just like hiring a contractor to renovate your home, it’s crucial to closely follow any and all work done on your aircraft. We offer the necessary resources and expertise to oversee the repairs or upgrades to your aircraft’s parts, including its engine. Our familiarity with the internal functioning of maintenance workshops allows us to better defend our clients’ interests. We can ensure that key parts – even your engine – are repaired properly and that any issues that arise are taken care of in your favour.

In addition our experience and knowledge with certain aircraft, we also provide special expertise on the following engines:

  • PWC Pt6 – series
  • PW100-series
  • Rolls Royce Tay series
  • Rolls Royce Spey series

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